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Possibly Asked Questions

Recently I took the decision to throw off my mortal trappings as plain old Sarah Sharp to become TSARZI. Here I answer some Possibly Asked Questions about this transition.


TSARZI is the earthly incarnation of all things eccentric pop. This is the style I’ve honed over the last four years making music in Sheffield and creating my first album.


My family has called me Sarzi since I was little. In a flash of inspiration one night I realised I could add an imperial flourish to the front of it and become a new kind of creation.

I like the idea of commandeering your childhood name to give your fully-fledged adult megalomania the chance to play dress up. I feel like this is an apt expression of what it is to be a grown up human.

How Do You Pronounce It?

However you like. Go nuts.

What’s Wrong With Sarah Sharp?

Well this is a big one. I’ll stick to just talking about the music.

In practical terms, there’s another much more established Sarah Sharp over in America who sings very different music to me but has better SEO results. People were finding her, not me, when they searched online.

But in also practical terms, making music and performing under my own name had started to feel limiting and redundant, as if I was trying to be one thing to everyone all at the same time, onstage and off.

Nothing is wrong with being Sarah Sharp (THIS GOES FOR ALL YOU OTHER SARAH SHARPS OUT THERE, YES I’M LOOKING AT YOU SARAH SHARP), but she wasn’t right for this role.

Having a different name for what I do gives me more space to play, and explore, and create.

Where Can I Find TSARZI?

In some sense, TSARZI was inside you all along. But in a practical and less creepy sense, she’s either online or onstage. You can find her music on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, and Bandcamp.

Gig announcements, including the album launch, are coming soon.

Can I Book TSARZI?

Absolutely. TSARZI has thus far been in hibernation gathering her strength, but I’m starting to book gigs for the rest of the year and putting together a tour around the album launch in September.

If you’d like to get involved, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.

Will I Like TSARZI?

That is not for me to say, human. If you’re fond of the music made by Regina Spektor, Amanda Palmer, and maybe Jarvis Cocker, we might be onto something.

The only way to know is to give it a whirl. Egomaniac and Ornaments are online now, with more tracks coming soon over summer. Have an earwig and see what you think.

What Happens Now?

The album launch is happening in September at the fabulous Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield. I’ll be announcing full details shortly.

More gigs are in the pipeline for June and July, and details will be up very soon, here and on Facebook.

As I write, I’m off to Leeds to prep for shooting in the early hours of the morning for a music video, then off to a green screen studio to don yet more absurd outfits (there are so many) for the album cover.

I’ll try to write about my adventures in the next few days after I’ve had a little sleep.

In the meantime, give us a listen online, show some love on the Facebook page, follow me on Twitter or have a mosey at the fun videos on the website.

Stay safe, BE KIND TO EACH OTHER, and don’t lock anyone in the downstairs cupboard. I’ll be back soon.


This is the end of the Possibly Asked Questions.

If you’ve got more questions in the meantime, drop us a line on Facebook. Or, if you’d rather not have the embodiment of capitalist totalitarianism convey your messages, send an email (this is still powered by Google, however, so perhaps there’s no escape).


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