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Lockdown Vox (Eccentric) Pop

Updated: Jun 5, 2020


🎙So I'm using this #isolation time to finally get on with the various music bits & bobs I've promised to do for other artists (guest vox, instrumentals)🎤

And I thought I'd extend the offer. If you have a track that needs some vocals or instrumentals, I'm happy to help.

This is what I sound like 👇👇👇👇👇

🎤 🎻 🎹

📩Drop a note in the comments here or email me on

This is all free, of course. Collaboration in these times is good for the soul. Otherwise I'll come out of this lockdown with 10 concept albums, and that's 9 more concept albums than the world needs.

xx --------

🎚PS If anyone fancies making a #remix of any of the Last Decade tracks, I'm also happy to send out stems. 📩 Check out what some other cracking artists have done on my remix album from last year:…

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