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Last Decade Album Launch - In Pictures

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

The launch party for the very first Tsarzi album was both illuminating, awe-inspiring, and game-changing. That's three things but it really was a triple adjective kind of affair.

Everything is ephemeral of course, and maybe you're feeling like things will never be the same again. This is understandable - they won't. Things are literally changing all the time.

While it's impossible to relive the experience, we did take some snaps for the sake of posterity, which we invite you now to peruse.

If you were there to experience the magic, you can relive it again in your heart, whilst you wipe away a tear and comfort yourself with the thought of telling your grandchildren one day about how you saw the first ever Tsarzi album launch, scrolling through pictures on your futuristic tablet, or maybe just bluetoothing it direct to the child's brain, we'll probably be done with physical screens by then.

If you weren't there, you can see what you missed, feel bad, and make a mental note to definitely not miss the next one.

Read the review in this month's Now Then - and listen to the album now on Spotify.

Happy perusing/reminiscing. Until next time, friends xx

photo credit @cxgmedia

Band are:

Sarah Sharp (Tsarzi) - piano, guitar

Jon Willmer - synth

James Fosberry - drums

Tim Knowles - bass

Ben Eckersley - cello

Teah Lewis & Gemma Gray - backing vocals

Conor Houston - guitar


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